Information and FAQ on www.routekm.co.uk

On this page you will find information on what you can do with www.routekm.co.uk and instructions for proper use.


The www.routekm.co.uk site is a totally free application, with which we aim to provide quick solutions for all your calculations related to travel by car, plane or train. You can then use our tools to plan your next trip, know the costs or simply satisfy your curiosity. Furthermore we are inserting in the pages of www.routekm.co.uk more information on the searched places.
For example, suppose you want to know the distance and / or route between the cities of Coventry and Manchester,you can then know:

  • The distance in a straight line (flight distance), the driving distance (distance on the road) expressed both in kilometers and in miles.
  • The length of the road route expressed both in kilometers and in miles.
  • Travel time by car (driving time) is necessary.
  • Know the best route on both the map and in text format.
  • Calculate the cost of the trip by indicating both current fuel prices and car consumption.
  • View when available routes by train or bus.

Moreover, if you wish, you can change the itinerary either by adding intermediate points or by moving the itinerary on the map.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on the use of www.routekm.co.uk

  • How to indicate the place of departure and / or arrival?

    Write the location in the appropriate box on the form
    Form box
    then subsequently, to confirm and activate the autocompletion allow sending to the computer or smartphone keyboard
    Now you can select the location from those proposed
    Autocomplete address

  • How to add an intermediate location?

    To insert an intermediate location, simply click on the [+] button on the form, or click on the map near the route and drag the new point to the desired location.

  • Reverse route

    To invert the route between locations, simply click on the Reverse route / [Reverse route] button

  • New route calculation

    To start a new processing click on the button [Calculate new route]

  • Print the map and directions

    To print the page with the road map and the indications click on the button print page print page.

With the choice of places of departure and arrival, both the route layout and the directions will be displayed on the map.

In the map are active functions such as:

  • Zoom + - Zoom button + -

    to increase or decrease the map definition level.

  • Zoom Destination Location zoom button [Arrival]

    Displays in the map the area where the arrival was placed so that the bookmark can be moved easily if necessary.

  • Zoom Starting Location zoom button [Departure]

    Displays in the map the area where the start was placed so that the bookmark can be moved easily if necessary.

  • Zoom area zoom button [Area]

    This is a Level 5 zoom to use to bring the reference area to the continent level

  • Route zoom zoom button [Route]

    Optimum Zoom to see the route you've got. This is the default zoom.

  • Pan

    Move the map by dragging with the mouse on your computer and with your fingers on your smartphone.

  • Full Screen Zoom button [Full Screen]

    Allows the map to be displayed fullscreen, or to return to the original map format.

  • Changing the route

    You get either by moving the arrival and/or departure icon, which creating intermediate places.
    Edit route

  • Location departure and/or arrival

    Locating point of departure and/or arrival

It is also possible:

  • Knowing the latest traffic news on road and highway.

  • Find the hotel for the destination and / or departure location

    On the page, in the form of blue buttons, links are available to view the offers relating to the hotels near the point of arrival or departure.
    hotel search

    On the page, if available, you will also find links to hotels, B&Bs, apartments, holiday homes, farmhouses, resorts, camping. All related to the city of arrival or departure.

  • Find the "gasoline stations" located in the area